About us

We are the biggest reenactment shop in Poland offering wide range of products for reenactors and collectors, museum, theathres, TV and film industry. We have our own workshop and we work with best makers of historical gear.

Starting in 2009, we're constantly expand our offer, improve quality of our products, do historical research for creating better replicas. Being the most popular shop for reenactment gear in Poland we also provide our services in other countries. We ship worldwide, everywhere where national post services can reach.

We make a lot of gear by ourselves here in Poland, we work with specialised craftsmen and renowned wholesalers, and we also try to offer as best products as possible for reasonable prices. We have proper equipped workshops for our own production and we also provide detailed supervision at the outsource facilities.

We always check the best way for shipping to every country we work with, offering wide range of possible services, depending on country. We will gladly advise Youo on Your selected impression from WW1 or WW2. Our crew has a huge knowledge on uniforms and equipment used during both world wars, and on international logistics, so we can answer all possible questions on Your orders. All the goods are shipped from our facility in Poland, near Poznań.

We guarantee that every purchase in our shop will be treated with highest professional standards, our prices are calculated on a reasonable basis. If You'll need any help - feel free to contact us.

Need help? Contact us!
If You have any questions regarding products, orders, shipping, delivery or other issues - contact us by e-mail: sklep@nestof.pl 
We answer all the e-mails during 1 working day.

Working hours:
We're open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 - 16:00 CET (UTC+1)
Free days are saturdays, sundays and public holidays in Poland (01.01, 06.01, Easter Monday - movable, 01.05, 03.05, Corpus Christi - movable, 15.08, 01.11, 11.11, 25.12, 26.12). If any other occur - it will be announced on the webpage.

Company registered adress:
NESTOF Sp. z o.o.
Dział militarny NESTOF
ul. Bukowska 14
62-070 Dąbrowa
NIP 777-340-78-71
Regon 52563975000000
KRS 0001043085

Warehouse and correspondence address:
Sklep Militarny - NESTOF.pl
ul. Bukowska 14
62-070 Dąbrowa