Pickup of the parcel

Proceedings when receiving the shipment

How does the delivery from the courier look like?
Please review this procedure before picking up your ordered products.

It is recommended that the buyer check the condition of the parcel in the presence of the courier. Pay special attention to the outer packaging:

  • the condition of the packaging - whether it is not torn, bent, dented, perforated, soaked, has no signs of opening, etc.);
  • packing tapes - are they not broken, cut;
  • package quantity - whether the number of packages matches (in the case of orders consisting of several packages).

If the packaging of the received parcel raises your objections, refuse to accept the parcel or collect the parcel by writing down the damage report together with the courier - an example of a damage report. It is important that the report is written reliably and legibly, in a way that clearly describes the way the parcel was damaged by the courier company.

However, if the packaging does not raise objections, you can sign the receipt of the package.
It is recommended to check whether the package is complete, without any damage, so open and check it with the courier.
Please remember that checking the contents of the package is possible only after signing the bill of lading, and in the case of the COD service, after paying the fee.

If you notice damage to the goods after the courier has left, please contact the courier company and ask for the arrival of the courier preferably on the same day to write a report.
However, any mechanical damage to the products and deficiencies in the shipment found after receipt and departure of the courier may be considered as caused after delivery of the shipment.

Any problems and disturbing situations should be reported to the store staff. If you complete the protocol, please inform our store as soon as possible.

Do you need help? Please contact us.